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  7:55:35 PM 1/23/2017
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Complaint Confirmation

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has received your complaint. For Profession complaints, please understand that certain complaints are confidential. We are prohibited from discussing a confidential complaint with you pursuant to section 455.225(10), Florida Statutes, which states: “The complaint and all information obtained pursuant to the investigation by the department are confidential and exempt from S. 119.07(1) until ten (10) days after probable cause has been found to exist by the probable cause panel or by the department, or until the regulated professional or subject of the investigation waives his or her privilege of confidentiality, whichever occurs first.”

For complaints filed with the Division of Hotels and Restaurants, it is by Florida statute that any information contained in the complaint is public record upon submission. In any event, you will be advised regarding the status of your complaint.

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