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Each inspection report is a "snapshot" of conditions present at the time of the inspection. By using this search, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.

Name: ASIA License Number: SEA6020285
Rank: Seating License Expiration Date: 12/01/2018
Primary Status: Current Secondary Status: Active
Location Address: 7600 W CAMINO REAL #101

Inspection Information
Inspection Type Inspection Date Result High Priority Violations Intermediate Violations Basic Violations
Complaint Full 10/19/2017 Follow-up Inspection Required
Violations require further review, but are not an immediate threat to the public.
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12 12 19
A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below. The department cites violations of Florida's sanitation and safety laws, which are based on the standards of U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Code. High Priority violations are those which could contribute directly to a foodborne illness or injury and include items such as cooking, reheating, cooling and hand-washing. Intermediate violations are those which, if not addressed, could lead to risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness or injury. These violations include personnel training, documentation or record keeping and labeling. Basic violations are those which are considered best practices to implement. While most establishments correct all violations in a timely manner (often during the inspection), the division's procedures are designed to compel compliance with all violations through follow-up visits, administration action or closure when necessary.
Violation    Observation
24-05-4    Basic - Clean glasses, cups, bowls, plates, pots and pans not stored inverted or in a protected manner in dishwashing area. **Warning**
12B-12-4    Basic - Employee beverage container in a food preparation/clean dishware area does not have a lid and a straw or equivalent dispensing mechanism to prevent hand contact with lip contact area of drink container. **Warning**
12B-07-4    Basic - Employee beverage container on a food preparation table or over/next to clean equipment/utensils. Drinks moved. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
14-11-4    Basic - Equipment in poor repair. Rusted microwave interior at cookline. Shelving in dishwashing area not smooth and easy cleanable. Rusted bottom shelving on prep table near dishwashing area. Puu puu plater grills rusted. **Warning**
08B-37-4    Basic - Food stored in a prohibited area. Rice Bin stored under plumbing at 3 compartment sink in sushi bar area. **Warning**
08B-38-4    Basic - Food stored on floor. Rice and vinegar containers stored on floor in sushi bar area. Flour container stored on floor at cookline. **Warning**
36-14-4    Basic - Grease accumulated on kitchen floor and/or under cooking equipment. Floor soiled at walkin freezer. **Warning**
10-17-4    Basic - In-use knife/knives stored in cracks between pieces of equipment. Knives moved. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
10-07-4    Basic - In-use utensil stored in standing water less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Rice spoons in standing water at 73° F next to rice cookers. **Warning**
31B-04-4    Basic - No handwashing sign provided at a hand sink used by food employees at Sushi bar and at end of cookline. **Warning**
16-48-4    Basic - Old food stuck to clean dishware/utensils. Utensils sent to re-wash. **Corrective Action Taken** **Warning**
29-08-4    Basic - Plumbing system in disrepair. Handwash sink in sushi bar area leaking. Hot water handle shut off with tape. **Warning**
25-05-4    Basic - Single-service articles improperly stored. Plastic Containers stored by Handwash sink in sushi bar area where splashing occurs. **Warning**
23-05-4    Basic - Soil residue build-up on nonfood-contact surface. Exterior of cooler next to handwash sink at cookline soiled. Shelving in cookline area soiled. Gaskets soiled at flip top coolers in cookline. Walkin freezer door soiled. Top of dish machine soiled. Can opener and stand soiled. **Warning**
42-05-5    Basic - Storage of tools on shelf above or with clean equipment and utensils, single service items, and/or clean linens. Tools stored above cups on shelving unit in drink station. **Warning**
08B-17-4    Basic - Unwashed fruits/vegetables stored with ready-to-eat food. Unwashed mushrooms over sauces and cut brocolli at walkin cooler. **Warning**
36-27-5    Basic - Wall soiled with accumulated grease, food debris, and/or dust at walkin cooler. Wall with mold like build up in dishwashing area. **Warning**
21-12-4    Basic - Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses. **Warning**
02D-01-5    Basic - Working containers of food removed from original container not identified by common name. Flour and breadcrumbs containers. Containers labeled. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
01B-01-4    High Priority - Dented/rusted cans present. See stop sale. Pineapple and corn cans with dents at the seams. **Warning**
12A-13-4    High Priority - Employee handled soiled equipment or utensils and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment or utensils, or touched unwrapped single-service items without washing hands. Employee went from cleaning to handling clean dishes and food without washing hands first. Employee washed hands. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
12A-25-4    High Priority - Employee touched face and then engaged in food preparation, handled clean equipment without washing hands. Employee washed hands. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
12A-19-4    High Priority - Employee washed hands with cold water. Water 80° F. Employees washed hands with water at over 100° F. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
01B-07-4    High Priority - Food with mold-like growth. Cucumber with mold like growth at sushi bar cooler. Food discarded. See stop sale. **Warning**
01D-01-4    High Priority - Nonexempt fish offered raw or undercooked has not undergone proper parasite destruction. Fish must be fully cooked or discarded. No parasite destruction records observed For salmon served raw on sushi. **Warning**
03D-05-4    High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cooked/heated yesterday/on a previous day not cooled from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within a total of 6 hours. Food has been cooling overnight. See stop sale. Cooked Beef 47-53° F Cooling on make table top at cookline flip top cooler overnight. Food discarded. **Warning**
03F-02-4    High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food identified in the written procedure as a food held using time as a public health control has no time marking. Sushi rice not time marked. Rice discarded. **Corrective Action Taken** **Warning**
08A-05-4    High Priority - Raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food. Raw pooled Eggs stored behind cooked chicken on make table top at cookline flip top cooler where dripping from the egg may contaminate the chicken when being pulled forward. Eggs moved to the front . Corrected on site. Raw shelled eggs over spices at walkin cooler. Eggs moved. Corrected on site Raw beef over butter at walkin cooler. Foods moved and properly stored. Corrected on site. Raw fish over veggies at sushi bar cooler. Raw chicken over wonton and Raw beef over puff pastries at walkin freezer. **Warning**
08A-17-5    High Priority - Raw animal foods not properly separated from one another based upon minimum required cooking temperature in walk-in freezer - all products not commercially packaged. Raw chicken over raw beef. **Warning**
01B-02-4    High Priority - Stop Sale issued on potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food due to temperature abuse. Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cooked/heated yesterday/on a previous day not cooled from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within a total of 6 hours. Food has been cooling overnight. Beef 47-53° F Cooling on make table top at cookline flip top cooler overnight. Food discarded. **Warning**
41-10-4    High Priority - Toxic substance/chemical improperly stored. Rubbing alcohol and glue over prep area at cookline. Clean Utensils hanging next to soap dispenser by handwash sink in dishwashing area where soap may spill onto the clean utensils. Soap and cleaners next to flour under oven at cookline. Butane next to bowls in cookline area shelving unit. Disinfectants over cups in drink station. Chemicals moved and properly stored. **Warning**
22-20-4    Intermediate - Accumulation of black/green mold-like substance in the interior of the ice machine. **Warning**
11-07-4    Intermediate - Certified Food Manager or person in charge lacks knowledge of foodborne illnesses and symptoms of illness that would prevent an employee from working with food, clean equipment and utensils, and single-service items. Reviewed symptoms and Big Five. **Corrective Action Taken** **Warning**
22-05-4    Intermediate - Cutting board(s) stained/soiled . **Warning**
22-22-4    Intermediate - Encrusted material on can opener blade. **Warning**
31A-03-4    Intermediate - Handwash sink not accessible for employee use due to items stored in the sink. Sanitizer bucket and bowl inside handwash sink at end of cookline. Box obstructing Handwash sink near mop sink. Bowl inside handwash sink in sushi bar area. Obstructions removed. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
27-23-4    Intermediate - Hot water at handwash sink does not reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Water at 80° F at handwash sink in cookline area. **Warning**
27-16-4    Intermediate - Hot water not provided/shut off at employee handwash sink in Sushi bar, at both end of cookline, by mop sink , restrooms and dishwashing area. Plumber on site and made repairs , water at over 100° F. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
22-28-4    Intermediate - Interior of reach-in cooler soiled with accumulation of food residue. Dessert cooler near dishwashing area. **Warning**
53A-05-5    Intermediate - No currently certified food service manager on duty with four or more employees engaged in food preparation/handling. A list of accredited food manager certification examination providers can be found at **Warning**
27-06-4    Intermediate - No hot running water at three-compartment sink. In sushi bar and in dishwashing area. Plumber on site and made repairs , water at over 100° F. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
31B-02-4    Intermediate - No paper towels or mechanical hand drying device provided at handwash sink at cookline. Towels provided. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
22-18-4    Intermediate - Soil residue in food storage containers. Salt container in dry storage soiled. **Warning**
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