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Name:MC HOMES REALTY, INC.License Number:1020610
Rank:Real Estate CorporationLicense Expiration Date:09/30/2020
Primary Status:CurrentOriginal License Date:09/09/2004
Secondary Status:Active  

Related License Information
License NumberStatusRelated PartyRelationship TypeRelation Effective DateRankExpiration Date
3232880Current, ActiveACOSTA, ROSAEmployed By10/23/2015Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2020
3159005Current, ActiveARANGO, ISABEL TEmployed By10/15/2014Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2019
344278Current, ActiveBAKONYI, PETEREmployed By01/30/2017Real Estate Broker Sales Associate09/30/2020
7756Current, ActiveBOGUE, DONALD JEmployed By09/30/2016Real Estate Broker Sales Associate03/31/2020
3073688Current, ActiveBOGUE, SALLY KIMEmployed By10/23/2018Real Estate Broker Sales Associate09/30/2019
3137862Current, ActiveBRIAND, ESTHER ELENAEmployed By03/07/2007Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2019
3409128Current, ActiveCACERES, KIMBERLYEmployed By03/16/2018Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2019
3020508Current, ActiveCACERES, MAGGIE PQualifying Broker09/09/2004Real Estate Broker03/31/2020
3339792Current, ActiveCHADWICK, KRISTEN MARIEEmployed By09/20/2017Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2019
3259788Current, ActiveCRESPO, MARIA VEmployed By10/13/2014Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2020
3258194Current, ActiveDASHER, RONALD LEmployed By09/16/2016Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2020
3027717Current, ActiveFINN, PATRICIA STACEEmployed By06/25/2018Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2020
139063Current, ActiveFISCHER, DEBRA DREWEmployed By12/27/2017Real Estate Broker Sales Associate03/31/2020
652071Current, ActiveFORBES, JANE AEmployed By01/13/2015Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2019
3106961Current, ActiveFRANCALANCIA, ANTONIO JOSEEmployed By10/16/2015Real Estate Broker Sales Associate09/30/2020
3333987Current, ActiveGARRIDO, DALAINGEmployed By09/02/2015Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2019
3390705Current, ActiveGARRIDO, RONALDEmployed By12/06/2017Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2019
3030482Current, ActiveGIFFORD, PAUL VIRGIL JREmployed By12/29/2014Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2020
3278274Current, ActiveGRIFFITH, SUZANNEEmployed By11/16/2016Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2019
3286885Current, ActiveHERRERA, MARIAEmployed By09/08/2015Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2019
3239170Current, ActiveHICKSTEIN, DONALDEmployed By10/19/2015Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
3193542Current, ActiveKILLAM, DONALD ELLISEmployed By11/03/2014Real Estate Broker Sales Associate09/30/2019
3349129Current, ActiveKOENIGSBERG, ELAINEEmployed By03/17/2017Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2019
3217150Current, ActiveKOVACS, GABRIELLAEmployed By02/08/2019Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
3433082Current, ActiveLEHMAN, MICHAEL ANTHONYEmployed By01/31/2019Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
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