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Name:MOET HENNESSY USA INCLicense Number:800016
Rank:IMPRLicense Expiration Date:
Primary Status:CurrentOriginal License Date:
Secondary Status:Active  

Related License Information
License NumberStatusRelated PartyRelationship TypeRelation Effective DateRankExpiration Date
192202Current, Active10 CANE 1LBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
192209Current, Active10 CANE 200MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
192221Current, Active10 CANE 50MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
198991Current, Active10 CANE 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
87998Null and Void 10 CANE RUMBrand Registrant04/07/2005BRND06/30/2014
177943Current, ActiveARDBEG ARDBOGBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
202015Current, ActiveARDBEG AURIVERDE 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
128511Current, ActiveARDBEG CORRYVRECKAN (THE) ULTIMATE ISLAY SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISBrand Registrant10/22/2009BRND06/30/2015
185601Null and Void ARDBEG CORRYVRECKAN 50MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
Deleted ARDBEG DAYBrand Registrant
160450Null and Void ARDBEG DAYBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
185838Null and Void ARDBEG TEN YEARS OLD 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
55399Current, ActiveARDBEG THE ULTIMATE SINGLE ISLAY MALT SCOTCH WHISKY TEN YRBrand Registrant10/20/2005BRND06/30/2015
185581Null and Void ARDBEG UIGEADAIL 50MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
204217Null and Void ARDBEGSUPERNOVABrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
198815Null and Void BELVEDERE BLACK RASPBERRY 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
124330Current, ActiveBELVEDERE BLACK RASPBERRY FLAVORED VODKABrand Registrant03/04/2009BRND06/30/2015
140246Current, ActiveBELVEDERE BLOODY MARYBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
200186Current, ActiveBELVEDERE CITRUS 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
123915Null and Void BELVEDERE CITRUS MACERATED VODKA RECIPE Q11Brand Registrant02/05/2009BRND06/30/2014
135909Current, ActiveBELVEDERE INTENSE UNFILTERED 80Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
125979Current, ActiveBELVEDERE INTENSE VODKABrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
153108Null and Void BELVEDERE LEMON TEABrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2014
200147Current, ActiveBELVEDERE LEMON TEA 750ML 8-5-11Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
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