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Name:MOET HENNESSY USA INCLicense Number:800016
Rank:IMPRLicense Expiration Date:
Primary Status:CurrentOriginal License Date:
Secondary Status:Active  

Related License Information
License NumberStatusRelated PartyRelationship TypeRelation Effective DateRankExpiration Date
192202Null and Void 10 CANE 1LBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
192209Null and Void 10 CANE 200MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
192221Null and Void 10 CANE 50MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
198991Null and Void 10 CANE 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
230753Current, ActiveARDBEG 10 YEAR OLD 750ML - 10096001000305Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
177943Null and Void ARDBEG ARDBOGBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
202015Null and Void ARDBEG AURIVERDE 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
128511Current, ActiveARDBEG CORRYVRECKAN (THE) ULTIMATE ISLAY SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISBrand Registrant10/22/2009BRND06/30/2016
242887Current, ActiveARDBEG DARK COVE 750ML - 15273001000066Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
Deleted ARDBEG DAYBrand Registrant
225301Current, ActiveARDBEG PERPETUUM 750ML - 14301001000282Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
228208Current, ActiveARDBEG SUPERNOVA - 15050001000186Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
55399Null and Void ARDBEG THE ULTIMATE SINGLE ISLAY MALT SCOTCH WHISKY TEN YRBrand Registrant10/20/2005BRND06/30/2015
124330Null and Void BELVEDERE BLACK RASPBERRY FLAVORED VODKABrand Registrant03/04/2009BRND06/30/2015
140246Current, ActiveBELVEDERE BLOODY MARYBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
200186Current, ActiveBELVEDERE CITRUS 750MLBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
135909Null and Void BELVEDERE INTENSE UNFILTERED 80Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2015
125979Current, ActiveBELVEDERE INTENSE VODKABrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
200147Current, ActiveBELVEDERE LEMON TEA 750ML 8-5-11Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
193985Current, ActiveBELVEDERE MANGO PASSIONBrand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
123914Current, ActiveBELVEDERE ORANGE MACERATED VODKA RECIPE P42Brand Registrant02/05/2009BRND06/30/2016
237568Current, ActiveBELVEDERE PEACH NECTAR 1L - 15259001000110Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
237594Current, ActiveBELVEDERE PEACH NECTAR 750ML - 15259001000093Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
240995Current, ActiveBELVEDERE PINK GRAPEFRUIT - 14302001000105Brand RegistrantBRND06/30/2016
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