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Name:MCNALLY, SCOTT WILLIAMLicense Number:6858
Rank:Employing BrokerLicense Expiration Date:02/01/2022
Primary Status:CurrentOriginal License Date:02/01/2008

Related License Information
License NumberStatusRelated PartyRelationship TypeRelation Effective DateRankExpiration Date
11276Current ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER S DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker07/09/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson07/14/2022
11922Current AKEY, RHIVA DELANDRA DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker09/15/2021Yacht and Ship Salesperson09/17/2023
10712Current ALBERT, PAUL D DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker03/12/2019Yacht and Ship Salesperson03/12/2023
11348Current ALLEN, STEVEN PAUL DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker09/01/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson09/08/2022
11465Current ARCOS, JONATHAN D DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker10/29/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson11/10/2022
11242Current ARIAS, FERNANDO DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker06/04/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson06/12/2022
8029Current BAKER, ANDREW STEVEN DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker03/19/2012Yacht and Ship Salesperson03/20/2022
9597Current BARR, HOWARD BRADLEY DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker09/20/2016Yacht and Ship Salesperson09/20/2022
11406Current BARTLETT, CHRISTOPHER DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker09/30/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson10/05/2022
11438Current BINZEL, TAB DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker09/30/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson10/23/2022
6342Current BORRY, STEVEN JOHN DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker04/24/2015Yacht and Ship Salesperson04/24/2023
11511Current BORUM, NEIL ALAN DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker12/01/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson12/09/2022
10244License Expired BOYETTE, LISA ANN DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker02/27/2018Yacht and Ship Salesperson02/27/2020
9166Current BRADHAM, SUSAN BOWMAN DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker02/24/2016Yacht and Ship Salesperson06/04/2023
11804Current BRONG III, ROBERT EDGAR DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker06/22/2021Yacht and Ship Salesperson06/25/2023
10346License Expired BRUNO, JANE ELLEN DBA:NO LONGER WITH POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker05/15/2018Yacht and Ship Salesperson06/01/2020
8378Current BUTCHER, BRADLEY WILLIAM DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker04/26/2013Yacht and Ship Salesperson04/26/2023
11350Current CAIRNEY, LAUREN DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker09/01/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson09/10/2022
8305Current CAIRNEY, LAWRENCE THOMAS-HENRY DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker02/05/2013Yacht and Ship Broker02/05/2023
11158Current CAMPBELL, BRUCE N DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker03/02/2020Yacht and Ship Salesperson03/05/2022
9116Current CAPOBIANCO, ANTHONY CHARLES DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker10/03/2016Yacht and Ship Salesperson04/21/2023
10545Current CAPOBIANCO, JOAN ANN DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker10/19/2018Yacht and Ship Salesperson10/19/2022
10792Current CASSEL, MELINDA MARIE DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker05/03/2019Yacht and Ship Salesperson05/03/2023
10920Current CASTRO, FRANCISCO A DBA:POP YACHTSBroker-Employing Broker08/20/2019Yacht and Ship Salesperson08/20/2021
8525Current CATANIA, MARIA PAULINE DBA:POP YACHTS, LLC.Broker-Employing Broker10/25/2013Yacht and Ship Salesperson10/29/2023
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