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Name:PARK PLACE REALTY NETWORK LLCLicense Number:1036946
Rank:Real Estate CorporationLicense Expiration Date:03/31/2021
Primary Status:CurrentOriginal License Date:06/01/2010
Secondary Status:Active  

Related License Information
License NumberStatusRelated PartyRelationship TypeRelation Effective DateRankExpiration Date
3400272Current, ActiveABUCHAIBE, TAUFIK ANTONIOEmployed By10/30/2019Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2021
3382316Current, ActiveACEY, ANGEL PEmployed By06/03/2019Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3073937Current, ActiveACKERMAN, JUDITH LYNNEmployed By01/12/2018Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2021
3349447Current, ActiveADAMS, DEALLEN TYRONEEmployed By04/24/2016Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2021
3262125Current, ActiveADKINS, DOUGLASEmployed By11/02/2015Real Estate Sales Associate04/30/2020
3277899Current, ActiveALAGARATNAM, SOTHYEmployed By08/27/2013Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3393618Current, ActiveALBATROSOV, NATASHA LYNNEmployed By05/23/2019Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3096975Current, ActiveALCAIDE, IZZA MARIEEmployed By06/03/2019Real Estate Sales Associate04/30/2020
3056456Current, ActiveALCOTT, MARY JEANNEEmployed By06/13/2019Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3400511Current, ActiveALEXANDER, KRISTOPHER MICHAELEmployed By03/03/2020Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2021
3373675Current, ActiveALVARADO, MARIA EMELIAEmployed By10/31/2018Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
3273583Current, ActiveALVARADO, ORLANDO JREmployed By08/02/2019Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3213308Current, ActiveALVAREZ, JACK HAROLDEmployed By12/24/2018Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2022
3450975Current, ActiveAMPARO, MARIE DEmployed By11/21/2019Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3125892Current, ActiveANDERSON, DEBORAH SUEEmployed By05/17/2019Real Estate Broker Sales Associate03/31/2021
3446481Current, ActiveANDERSON, MARK WAYNEEmployed By01/02/2020Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3059234Current, ActiveANDERSON, SANDRA VEmployed By01/27/2020Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3450334Current, ActiveANTHONY, LINDAEmployed By03/13/2020Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3450333Current, ActiveANTHONY, ROBERTEmployed By03/13/2020Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
354316Current, ActiveANTHONY, SYBIL MEmployed By09/08/2014Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
631553Current, ActiveAPPLE, CHAS ROBERTEmployed By04/06/2018Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2021
629367Current, ActiveARLINE, CARLETON JEFFREYEmployed By02/22/2013Real Estate Sales Associate03/31/2021
3185570Current, ActiveARMSTRONG, KIRK HARVEYEmployed By06/12/2017Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
3242066Current, ActiveARNETT, MARY KATHERINEEmployed By03/10/2020Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
353729Current, ActiveARNOLD ALLEN, JOY JEmployed By01/12/2017Real Estate Sales Associate09/30/2020
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